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 Revolutionary Approach. Rapid Transformation. Real Results.
Imagine... blasting along the trails and knowing exactly what to think and how to move next, so you ride everything in front of you smoother, safer, and easier, without the risk, struggle, and frustration.

How much more fun would mountain biking be?

That's how you ride when you've learned the Groover Method. A uniquely simple, yet highly powerful riding Method anybody can learn, that makes you a confident and highly skilled trail weapon.

So, what are you waiting for...

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Your Zero Risk Groover Guarantee

"I know I can give you amazing resultsIf, at the end of your first lesson you feel that further coaching won’t help you make significant improvements to your mountain biking, I will refund ALL your lesson fees. Simple as that."

- Chris Carter, Creator of the Groover Method
Master Groover Method Coach, MTBA Accredited Mountain Bike Coach
Set Your Foundation of Groover Method MTBing Skills
5 Lesson 
Rapid Transformation Clinics
  •  1-on-1 Clinic $790
  •  2 Rider Clinic $640
  •  3 Rider Clinic $485
  •  Group Clinic $335
Prices shown are per rider and include GST 
Payment Plans available for 1-3 Rider Clinics
1.75 hrs to 2.5 hrs p/lesson depending on Clinic size
Short Session Specific Skill and Technique Coaching
5 or 2 Lesson 
Mastery Packages
  •  1-on-1 Clinic $450 / $197
  •  2 Rider Clinic $330 / $147
  •  3 Rider Clinic $270 $117
  •  Group Clinic $210 / $97
Prices shown are per rider and include GST 
Payment Plans available for 1-3 Rider Clinics
1.25 to 1.5 hrs p/lesson depending on Clinic size
  •  1-on-1 and Group Clinics, plus Clubs, and Race Teams
  •  6 SEQ Locations 7 Days, Plus Interstate and International
  •  All Skill Levels, Beginner to Pro Mountain Biker
  •  Groups are 4-6 Riders, Larger Groups Available on Request
  •  3 Month Payment Plans Available for 1-3 Rider Clinics
  •  Call for Interstate and International Clinics
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Groover Method MTB Skills Clinics: 
What Can You Expect?
What can you expect from skills lessons with Chris? By the end of lesson five you’ll know how to apply the Groover Method to ride faster, safer, smarter and in control along every inch of the trail.

And Groover Method coaching is more than simply ‘bike handling’ and ‘bike control’ skills. You’ll also learn the intuitive thinking pattern that controls your fears, streamlines your decisions, and provides you with the simplest, most effective ways to position and move your body to enhance your efficiency and capability.

Nobody else on the planet is talking and teaching a complete riding methodology that obeys the unbreakable Principles of Control. Chris has the experience, skills, and intuition to see what you can’t see holding you back from truly great riding skill. His ability to teach you how to obey the Principles of Control using the Groover Method’s 3 Core Rules, is what sets him apart from the rest. 
In the first two lessons Chris takes you deep into Core Rules 1 and 2 to lay a solid foundation of Groover Method thinking. 

Using unique coaching strategies, Chris helps you experience on the trail for yourself the difference between your old riding habits that sabotage your ability, and the power of a Method that makes you ride in control. 

Although lessons 1 and 2 are on basic sections of trail, you’ll experience revelations at every turn. As your brain locks onto the Groover Method concepts and you feel and see for yourself the ease at which you start to ride smarter, faster, and safer, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways.

And it only gets better...
* Click to enlarge video *
In lessons 3 to 5 Chris helps refine your Groover Method skills even further by coaching you through a wider variety of common trail features, so that by clinic’s end, you’ll know how to use the Groover Method to your advantage on every part of the trail with confidence and ease.

Naturally, one-on-one clinics will give you the greatest transformation in skills and ability because all lesson time is devoted only to you. However, Group Clinics are a great way to have your friends there learning and experiencing this fantastic new way of mountain biking with you.

The days of wrestling the bike and riding on edge are over. From novice to pro-mountain biker you will truly be amazed just how much new capability and enjoyment you discover – and keep discovering more and more of with every new ride – with the power of Groover Method coaching from Chris Carter. Don’t wait another day to take the next step toward extraordinary mountain biking and limitless fun!
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What Riders Are Saying

"The Groover Method taught me how to think in control, taking my speed and skill to a whole different level. It enables me to relax and enjoy even the most technical sections of trails…even 4 hours into a race. 

The Groover Method just totally changed everything about mountain biking for me.

Michael 'Turbo' England, 2015 & 2017 Elite Australian Team XCM World Championships

"I just wanted to say how very excited I am about this... 
At yesterday's race I put into place a few things... and it made a massive difference

Not only did I pull away from my usual rivals but I did it without expending too much energy!

Bobbie Papin, Melbourne

"Since learning the Groover Method I have noticed big improvements in my riding ability. I feel like I am now riding with Flow and with a lot more Control than I had before. That has been the biggest thing for me - learning to ride in Control and the Dynamic Positioning on the bike.

I wanted to learn how to ride safer and doing this course has definitely helped me achieve that. It`s been great fun learning from Chris and I highly recommend learning the Groover Method. It will change your riding for the better!! 

Bryan Sinclair, Happy Groover! Brisbane

"My skill set has grown over the years from getting out on the trails, although I have always struggled to find extra speed through corners and over rougher terrain

With the Groover Method I now have a lot more confidence in myself and the ability of the bike. I have learnt how to tackle corners in a far smoother way, now able to put power down on the exit of the corner, whilst still being in total control of the bike.

James Andrew, Sydney

"Thank you so much for your time, patience coaching both Tony and I. 

I was able to go over all the logs on the last trail and definitely had air, rode so much more smoothly and Tony wasn't reeling the bar and didn't crash!!!

Lisa & Tony McKeown, Brisbane

"Thanks Chris, I rode Blue Tier etc today, an epic MTB day in Derby, Tas. Excluding my mechanical issue, I had an absolute ball. 

Your method has really allowed me to refine my riding. I'm looking up & ahead for exit points so much better now, much less skidding to tighten corners, much more control, flow and joy! The simplicity of the Groover Method is its genius...

Matt Carmichael, Melbourne

"I got into the local racing scene and had a massive reality check. Despite pushing as hard as I could I would finish well down the back of the field… 

The Groover Method has me now competing at the front of the field… it showed me that a Method makes the most dramatic improvement in your riding. Fitness is one thing, but an actual Method that puts you in control of your skills and every decision and action is something that you get massive benefits from all the time!

Damon Jones, Gladstone
Groover Method MTB Skills Clinics FAQ's
Will One-on-one or or Group lessons help me more?
One-on-one lessons give you the most rapid skills transformation, because Chris can give all of his attention in every lesson to just You, rather than spreading his attention between multiple riders. 

If you really want dedicated attention and the most rapid results, choose one-on-one private lessons.
I'm only interested in riding safer, not faster. How will Groover Method coaching help me?
The Groover Method's 3 Core Rules are built on the Principles Of Control. The better you get at riding with the Groover Method, the more you ride in control, and the safer you become.
I'm a very experienced/elite rider. How can I be confident that your coaching is going to help me?
The Groover Method is a new Adaptive Thinking technology that teaches you how to obey all the Principles of Control that govern the most successful riding thoughts, decisions and actions.

Obeying these principles using the Groover Method gives you incredible control over all aspects of your riding, not just your 'bike handling' and technical riding skills. You'll also supercharge your transfer of power to the pedals, effort and efficiency management, dynamic ability, traction, and much more. Call us now and get ready to be surprised by what the Groover Method helps you achieve.
How often are the lessons?
Public group clinic lessons are held at the same time on the same day, every fortnight.

For most one-on-one and 2 to 6 rider private clinics we recommend fortnightly clinics to maximise skills progression.  Three weeks or more between lessons only encourages those old riding habits to sneak their way back in and sabotage the great new skills you're developing.

If you ride several times per week every week, then weekly lessons are a great option to help you progress as rapidly as possible.
How do I know the other Group Clinic participants won't slow me down or be too fast for me?
Difference in the speed of riders is far less of a factor when everybody is learning something new and being taught on relatively short sections of trail.

This makes it very easy to accommodate riders of different abilities in the same clinic, however, we do offer separate beginner, intermediate, advanced level group clinics.
Can Chris travel and provide clinics to our Club members or private group in our home town?
Yes. Call us now and we'll help make it happen, no matter where you live in the world!
Ready to take the next steps? Call Chris Now on 0423 202 174 
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